We love beauty; chase light
We immortalize emotion; freeze time 
We capture your soul; garnish in lime
{yea, that sounds silly .. but you get the idea}

Magic doesn’t happen – Magic is made.

Among the finest photographers, The Q Studio offers its exceptional boutique service, and distinctive styling to the finest clientele, who only expect exceptional imagery and creativity  that combines to produce a truly unforgettable experience.

over the last decade, we’ve photographed from the east to the west, and from the north to the south of these united states. We have also shot in several international locations like, the mayan rivera, france, Italy, Israel, Tahiti, Canada, to name a few, and, next year, we’re headed to egypt 🙂 – in this time, we’ve honed our skills to look into the moment that is about to happen, and then, immortalize it so, that you, and generations that follow will revel in the spirit of that moment.

Having spent over a decade whilst shooting 30+ events a year, we’re well trained. Now, we only take 5-7 comissions annually, because we find that discerning clients require discerning photographers. If you’re serious about your photography, and you want a well seasoned, well rested, and creative team, then, drop us a note.

{Timeless imagery. Fashionable but never extravagant. Stylish but never routine}