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Angela + Nick's wedding

Posted By on November 5, 2007 in wedding |

Angela + Nick's wedding

10/27/2007 – 11.00am/Baril Residence – On Saturday October 27th we had the pleasure of shooting Nick and Angela’s wedding.   However, the day didn’t start out as such.   Rain and Wind were the two culprits of the day. We arrived at the Baril residence to find as usual,  a giddy Mizz Angela, (despite the weather) and her bridesmaids.  As everyone got ready we started capturing moments from the day.   Now it was time to pack up and move to the church. Oh and wouldn’t you have guessed it…  still raining.  So the bride, in true Angela fashion, hiked up her dress to her knees and made her way to the limo.   We arrived at the beautiful Shrine of the little flower.  The ceremony was long but very moving.  At one point during the vows the sun actually came out through the beautiful stain glass.  I got excited and went looked outside but it went away.

The ceremony was over and it was off to Meadowbrook to take pictures.   I was frantically praying that the rain would hold out, as my husband Aali laughed!   And wouldn’t you know it as we pulled up to Meadowbrook mansion it did hold off.   The sky was black as the storm passed and the sun shined out creating the most beautiful backdrop for photos.   All in all the day was gorgeous.  Angela, Nick and their families were amazing people.  May the both of you be blessed with a long and blissful marriage.  Below is a sneak peek of their day.