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[E] – Juhi + Vivek ENGAGED!

Posted By on March 24, 2010 in engagement |

[E] – Juhi + Vivek ENGAGED!

This past weekend I flew down to Atlanta, GA to shoot Juhi and Vivek’s E-Session.   Atlanta was gorgeous.  This city has the best of both worlds.  Mid-Town Atlanta has a blend of new architecture and homes as old as the civil war.  I was mesmerized at the fact that the city has maintained its history in such a magnificent way

Juhi, Vivek and myself spent the entire evening laughing.  We just all had so much fun.  They were exposed to my let’s say colorful language.  (Normally I keep it in check).   We constantly were fighting with the sun ( a battle I ultimately won)!!!!  I was on the mission for the perfect Sun Flare.  Every time we were ready to take the shot, the Sun would quietly hide behind some clouds.  We shot at Sunset and a little at night.  Juhi and Vivek were so accommodating, kind and just full of flare (no pun intended).

Enjoy their sneak peek below!