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[E] – Neha & Pratik

Posted By on February 5, 2012 in engagement |

[E] – Neha & Pratik

Not even a storm in the Northeast and a distinct lack of snow (sorry Neha!) could keep these two away from Chicago!

It had been a really long time since Neha and I had met, and I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Pratik… and I was hoping he wouldn’t turn up in a tweed coat and sandals (and yes, I have clients that have done that!). Up walked Neha flashing that million dollar smile of hers, and walking close behind was a tall, svelte looking gentleman who looked like he’d be at home in a GQ spread.

We had a blast with them, exploring little seen parts of the Intercontinental Hotel on Mich Ave, visiting Marilyn and ending up on the Riverwalk. A quintessential Chicago shoot! Can’t wait to shoot your wedding guys! Enjoy! (MQ)