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[E] Rachel + Norm

Posted By on November 22, 2009 in engagement |

[E] Rachel + Norm

Recently, we had the pleasure to spend a day with some of our favorite people in Chi-town, the beautiful Rachel and her beau, the man on whose shoulders this city rests, Mr Norm Doucet!

We met up on the mag mile and spent a few hours exploring the city, taking some magnificent shots of the magnificent couple! People in love always photograph well… and with these guys THIS in love, well, you can see the results for yourself… 🙂

IMG_1906 copy

IMG_1920 copy

IMG_1926-bw copy

IMG_1932 copy

IMG_1963 copy

IMG_1968 copy


IMG_2851 copy

IMG_2029 copy

IMG_1987 copy

IMG_2018 copy

IMG_2280 copy

IMG_2041 copy

IMG_2298-bw copy

IMG_2573 copy

IMG_2592 copy