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[E] – Rafid + Katia

Posted By on April 29, 2009 in engagement |

[E] – Rafid + Katia

Rafid and Katia have one of the most romantic stories we’ve ever heard. He was working in Italy, and had biked to the tiny town of Mattarello to see a beautiful church he had heard of. On his way back, a fateful tire puncture stranded him near Katia’s home, where he was found by Katia’s father, who ofcourse, spoke no english. Rafid’s italian was passable in Brooklyn, but didn’t fly in Trento. Her father decided to help him repair his bike anyway, taking him to his home. He called Katia down to help translate, which she did in broken english… but love it seems, has a language of its own. A cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich later, it was all over for both of them.

Its such a pleasure taking pictures of fellow photographers… mainly because we’re always behind the lens! Rafid (who also goes by Robert) is a talented photographer in his own right, whose recent work in Mali has been published in a book (The Free Spirited People Of Mali). Click here to check it out (we get 5% ofcourse! haha)!