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[E] – Rosie + Deepak

Posted By on May 24, 2011 in engagement |

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of flying to the nations capital to meet up with Rosie and Deepak.  Its a rare treat to fall in love twice in one day but I managed to do that!  First with Washington DC, what an OUTSTANDING town.  Monuments are great but its the neighborhoods around the city that give it a signature charm.  It is defintely a place I could see myself living. 

Second I fell in love with Deepak and Rosie (and not necessarily in that order).   Actually, this was the first time we actually met.  And it seriously felt like you were hanging out with old friends.  By the end of the two days I managed to be spilling my life story to Rosie in the car ride back to the hotel. 

Also in two days I managed to travel the world too.  Well at least my cusine did.  Argentina, France, Italy and Mexico were on the menu!

Day one we walked around beautiful Georgetown amongst beautiful brownstones, cobblestone streets and a quaint downtown.  Day Two Washington DC front and center.  ;o)