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[F] – PRETTY MISS Editorial

Posted By on May 26, 2011 in art + editorial |

[F] – PRETTY MISS Editorial

Aali and I absolutely LOVE doing themed and concept shoots.  This shoot was designed for beauty and elegance.  To keep our studio on the cutting edge we consistantly try new posing, compossions and post process.   We pass on all our learnings to our brides and grooms.   We highly encourage our clients to theme their engagement session or post bridal session.   It adds so much interest to your photos.

This session was awesome!  We shot in Downtown Detroit.  A city that consitently gets a bad wrap but every corner I turn I see beauty and insperation.  We started on Historical Boston Ave.   Our 20’s styled bride Oliva was a perfect fit for that locale.  We also found an amazing abandoned home with texture and character for our modern styled bride.  Our tradtional bride with her tassle detail needed a timeless elegant backdrop.  What better than the cathedral of the Blessed Sacrement.

Our second locale conluded the session at Belle Isle where we were met with MASSIVE crowds.  However it didnt stop us from shooting or trespassing for that matter.  Check out or whimisical styled dress.   LOVED THIS look!

Q Studio will also be offering styling for engagements and weddings through Anna Goldstone Lead Designer of Pretty Miss.

Here is our AWESOME TEAM from the shoot!

PRETTY MISS ( Bridal Styling Service by ANNA GOLDSTONE) :


THE WEDDING SHOPPE (Accessories):