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[E] Joe + Rachelle

Posted By on November 11, 2007 in engagement | 0 comments

[E] Joe + Rachelle

10/15/2007 – 8.00am/Meadowbrook Hall – With a date and time finally set to get together and shoot. It was time to photograph Joe and Rachelle’s engagment. We agreed to meet at 8.00a at Meadowbrook. The clocked ticked, and it was 8.20a, and Joe an Rachelle were not to be seen. Just as I was thinking that I had been stood up (punks !), I got a call from Joe saying that they got lost on the Oakland University Campus. So, after giving them directions, I met them at the hall.

So, I spent about 5 mins or so, explaining to them that the objective of the shoot was to allow Joe and Rachelle to walk around and be romantic, and that there would be lots of making out….. I was hardly done speaking, and Joe, .. not to be told twice, went to town on Rachelle …

Enclosed is a sneak peek at their make out session. Thanks guys for being patient and such good sports !!

Congratulations to our Brides 2 Be contest winners, Joe and Rachelle.