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Josh + Shanna

Posted By on November 1, 2007 in engagement |

Josh + Shanna

10/19/2007 – 8.00am/Meadowbrook Mansion – Fauzeen and I awaited a gorgeous couple with whom we had been exchanging emails for about 4 weeks to decide which date would work with their crazy schedules. One is in med school, the other is an architect. You decide who is which.

Shortly after 8.00am, a black Tahoe pulls around and in it are Josh+Shanna .. Josh is all giddy about impersonating a crombie model for the next 2 hours or so, but Shanna, although geeked about the engagement shoot, is more focussed on keeping warm .. I couldn’t blame the poor girl .. after all, it was a very frigid 38 degrees. Fast forward 15 minutes, and neither cares about the weather. Both are thrilled about enjoying the picturesque surroundings in each other’s company .. enclosed below are some sneak peeks of the morning.

Shanna, you are absolutely beautiful, and Josh, you’re a natural poser (poseur | aU Naturale) !! – Thanks for making our morning so much fun !