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[E] Laine+Jared

Posted By on December 3, 2007 in engagement |

[E] Laine+Jared

I first met Jared whilst shooting Beth + Bertrand’s wedding in France. Jared, this veritable goofball spent his entire time making silly faces at me… needless to say, he and I instantly got along. He had amazing stories to share about his recent stay in Africa and he had quite the excellent sense of humor and wit (Especially after a couple glasses of wine). Laine and I, on the other hand, met many moons ago through my very good friend Beth. Laine and Jared are an amazing couple. High School sweethearts! By just looking at them you can feel the love between them.

Moving on to their engagement shoot, It was a hot Sunday afternoon late in the summer where Aali and I met the couple at Mills Race. We worried that the rain from earlier would interrupt our shoot but, instead it created a wonderful ambiance. Mill Race is a wonderful location. It’s a vintage village with wonderful texture on the wood and stoned walls. It made for an excellent backdrop to their photos. Jared actually proposed to Laine here. As we began shooting, there were nerves in the air. However Nerves soon turned to passion, humor and fun and made for beautiful photographs.

Aali and I are thrilled to shoot their wedding in May 2008! Below is peak at their day.