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The Q Studio | Launch

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The Q Studio | Launch

2010 has started out with a bang.  New brand identity, new studio, new clients and most importantly new friends.  2009 was an outstanding year we are so blessed to be doing what we love!

On April 1st we launched The Q Studio (formerly, Five River Studio).  So you ask why the change??  Well we realized there is real value in creating a legacy out of our name (Q = Qureshi).   Also we realized Five River wasn’t as original as once thought.

HISTORY: Last year we moved into our Hilton Rd. location in Ferndale.  It was an awesome start but as we grew so did the business and we realized if we didn’t make a big move now we never would.  So came the long and exhausting search for a new location.  We looked at many options.  First thought was to buy/rent one of the trendy DT Royal Oak lofts.  Great location, trendy zip code couldn’t ask for more.  But it was risky;  a residential apt converted into a studio/consulting space may have made our neighbors and associations peeved.  So the search continued we saw some AMAZING spaces and some seriously I’m-ugly-on-the-outside-but-with-lots-of-green-I-have-lots-of-potential. Our thought was why would we invest 10’s of thousands on a place we didn’t L-O-V-E.  So again the search continued and brought us to Auburn Hills.  Amazing space over 1100sq ft space.  Blank canvas for us to renovate as we wanted.

We were just about ready to sign the lease when two amazing properties surfaced.  One was in the heart of DT Royal Oak on Washington.  AMAZING locale, but a little out of the range we wanted to spend.

Then came an interesting ad.  A floral and event designer found an amazing space, it was just too big for her and was wanting to share it with someone in the event industry.  So we responded to the ad not really thinking anything of it.  We heard back from Corrina Hahn at Petit Fleur Event Flowers and Decor.  Still we were pretty sure this wasn’t going  to be anything.  We walked in and it was like slow motion….  We instantly fell in love with this 100 year old 3300 sq ft building.   I knew the second I saw it I had to have it.  But would Corrina and Matt be someone we could share a space with?.  Maybe put up some walls, divide the space.

Then We met…fell in love, and decided to have a baby .. twice in one day! LOL!..   Meeting Corrina was as if I had met one of my close girlfriends. Matt and Aali, too, felt comfortable .. as much as 2 guys would LOL ..  We were laughing like we knew each others for years.  I truly believe in fate.  At that moment we decided no barriers we were going to share this space and go into this as partners.

So became the Petit Fleur/Q Studio union.  We have huge dreams for our businesses and are excited to take this partnership to the next level.  Our opening party on April 1st was beyond our wildest dreams.  Over 200 people came and went.   We couldn’t have pulled it off without the help of our, family, friends and mentors.  Your love, belief in us and continued support mean the world to us and humble us every day!

Special thank you to my Mom for helping us out big time at our opening part,  Pinwheel Bakery for putting together an amazing sweet table, and DJ Naveen for spinning some awesome music.

FUTURE: As a company, We are super excited about whats to come in 2010. Below are a few photos from the new space (so much more to see in person) ..  Couldn’t make it….. well keep your eyes open .. we will continue to have quarterly mixers for all of you.
As mentioned we have 3300 sq ft of space this isn’t even everything but our favorite parts.  Come in visit us and see the rest. ;o)

First we showcase our new art gallery.  This space serves as a dual purpose Gallery and shooting space.  Oh and it glows pink ;o)

Next we move to my personal favorite room.  Fully equipped with a 100 inch screen and a 1080P projector.  LOVE the mood of this room.

Now the view of studio from our fully stocked bar (not pictured).. Did I mention my office is right across to it.  ;o)   to  it..  The images on the wall are 4ft x 6ft.  Who says bigger isn’t better?!?!

What someone would see looking into the shop.  To the left of this is our AWESOME chic reception area.  (Not pictured).

And of course the outside of our showroom/gallery!!!!  I cannot believe this is ours!!!