Memories are more than just photographs. don’t believe it when people tell you that after the wedding day has passed all that remains are the photos. no, what remains is you and your loved one and your life to follow. wedding photographs are just emotional devices, not the memories themselves. but, something has to be said about documenting the day you and your beloved join one another.

Typically our clients have photography and videography at the top of their priority list.  we have our clients at the top of ours, which is why we only take 5-8 commissions a year. So, if you like how we capture that special day, then by all means, click on ‘lets chat’ below 🙂 – we’d love to get to know you!

Commissions are based on up to 4 hours of pre wedding, and 8 hours of wedding day coverage. Travel not included.
1 day shoot + disk
2 day shoot + disk
1 day photography + album
2 day photography + album
1 day photo/video
1 day photo/video + album
2 day photo/video + album
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The studio is firm on its pricing.
Please save us from the embarassment of declining to extend you a discount, gratis service or product.