What is the universal truth about great imagery?
Time, results in fantastic imagery. Despite what anyone tells you – if you have a chaotic unplanned wedding, it will show in your pictures. A photog is akin to a chef, s/he can only produce a great meal, if s/he has great ingredients to work with, and its YOUR responsibility to ensure that great imagery can be created.

What does The Q Studio bring to the table?
Great attitude, fantastic imagery, well deserved reputation, and incredible creativity. Chances are that you are visiting and considering us because someone referred you to us. Our skill and reputation are hard earned, and we promise to bring the same, if not greater skill (we keep on learning) to your event. Nobody recommends a Kia, but people definately recommend a luxury brand :). Quality comes with a price tag.

What are the advantages of hiring a professional?
A professional photographer will be timely – arriving at your wedding promptly, and getting the results to you on time. A professional has just the right training and equipment for photographing your wedding. Having attended many weddings, an experienced wedding photographer will be at ease at your wedding. A professional is used to working with individuals, couples, and groups to make the formal photography go smoothly. When you think about the cost of photography, remember that the photographer’s fee is only part of your investment: You, your parents, your extended family and your friends will be investing time with the photographer during your wedding. Don’t waste time on your wedding day with a photographer who won’t produce results you love!

Why is wedding photography so expensive?
Actually it is not. There is a misconception that wedding photographers makes a lot of money working only one day a week, but in addition to the actual day of shooting, there is usually at least 100 hours of back end work involved in each wedding. Uncle Sam and overhead expenses account for about 70% of the commission.

On your wedding day, you will spend the majority of your budget on things that will be enjoyed, used, and disposed of on the same day (food,limo, flowers, hall etc). The only reminder you have of your lavish day, that will last generations, is the photography. So, before you spend your budget on flying in the caterer from NYC, or the DJ from Ibiza, invest in the ONE thing that will last you many lifetime.

What are the skills that are needed to be a Wedding Photographer?
The answer to this also factors in why a wedding photographer is expensive. To be an effective Wedding photographer, the photographer must be a skilled in the following:
1. Architectural Photography
– Shooting the church/hall interiors etc

2. Product Photography
– Ring,cufflink, dress shots, floral arrangements, table settings,food etc

3. Fashion Photography
– You’re dressed to the 9s, and you’ve looked through each bridal magazine. Chances are that you want to have that same flair and magic in your photographs.

4. PhotoJournalist
– Yes, everyone thinks its easy to get the magical moments and the emotions, however, its quite the opposite. A photographer has to be attuned to ‘foreseeing’ what is going to happen next, so s/he can be ready for the moment, and capture it in camera. This skill only comes over time, and with experience.

5. Photo Lab Technician
– Gone are the days when you would drop your rolls off at the lab, and that lab would color correct, and retouch your images. All that work needs to be done by the photographer. In today’s world, the lab only prints images.

Why is there such a price disparity among wedding photographers?
There are a host of reasons why some wedding photographers will charge a lot and some will charge very little for their services. A well-established wedding photographer with a great reputation who has been shooting weddings for a long time commands a higher price. In some cases, a wedding photographer can charge what he or she would like without concern about his or her basic living expenses. If the wedding photographer is new, he or she might be more concerned with portfolio building than making enough money to earn a profit.

So, how much does wedding photography cost?
Prices range from $950 to $10,000, and even more! Photographs will be your only permanent record of the day. You want good photographs and that comes from skill and talent. Our research indicates that photography runs between 12% to 15% of the total wedding budget. When couples value photography highly and are on a limited budget, they will spend up to 30% of their wedding budget on photography.
Most brides initially underestimate the cost of photography by 50% – in other words, you will probably spend at least twice as much as you budgeted. Please seek advice from a wedding coordinator who is familiar with prices.