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[W] – Palak and Rudhir

Posted By on September 14, 2009 in wedding |

To be perfectly honest I have no idea where to start. This had to be the most moving wedding we have attended ever. Not that all weddings that we shoot arent beautiful, elegant and emotional but, this one in particular blew our minds. First I have to say Palak and Rudhir are so down to earth and the have some AMAZING family and friends. Below is a snapshot of their day. But to be frank it was hard to get all the amazing moments in one blog so I’ve narrowed to down to my favorites.

The weekend started with the Mehndi followed by the Sangeet. Oh and the dances were seriously insane. Their friends must love them a lot. We could not stop talking about how much effort everyone put in to this event. It was needless to say OUTSTANDING!!! Palak and Rudhir even performed. See below! The wedding followed the next day. I cry at every wedding (yes Im a sap) but I cried a lot at this one. HA! It was just so moving to see two people so in love and have so many people in their lives that care for them. Its truly a blessing and it moved me. (I may have shed a tear or two for being on my feet for three days but, it was well worth it. LOL)

Palak and Rudhir, thanks for making us a part of your day. You guys are amazing!

The events were held at the Dearborn Inn (Dearborn, Mi) and fully coordinated by: Nita Sheth of Irisbloom Events.