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[W]-Rachael + Jason

Posted By on December 17, 2010 in wedding |

 Fall brought our studio some GORGEOUS events.  One fine fall day we traveled to the Pine Knob Estate out in Clarkston to capture Jason and Rachael’s nuptials.  I have never been so moved by a couples love for each other as I was on their wedding day.  Nobody could hold their emotion in during their first reveal (which is my favorite collage below).  Not the Bride the Groom or their photographers.  Luckily we pulled ourselves together to capture their day. 

The Ceremony was very original.  A Christian ceremony that incorporated a Hindu-Indian custom of taking the “7 steps”  otherwise known as the 7 vows of marriage.  I was very surprised yet very pleased to see such a beautiful custom.

The Reception well what can I say except there was so much laughter in the room.  From tables serenading the bride and groom to their favorite Love songs, to the very funny toasts given by family and friends. 

Mr.(papa) Tutag had saved an amazing bottle of Whisky to open at his daughter’s wedding.  See the gentlemen toasting below.  (One of my other favorite shots below).  Does anyone remember that toast.  LOL I do..  And still laughing to this day! Please see below to relive their very special day!